3 Great Golf Courses
To Choose From

Locals, members and vacationers from around the world come to Grand Palms to experience all that Pembroke Pines Golf has to offer. And with very good reason, we are known for our beauty as well as being praised for having some of the best greens in South Florida. Grand Palms Golf Resort features three 9-hole courses: Grand, Royal, and Sabal.

This creates your very own personalized course with a strategic layout that offers every golfer an interesting mix of playability and challenge, while keeping their own unique flavor. Our practice areas are plentiful, including multiple putting, pitching, chipping, and sand trap areas. A large aquatic driving range is available from front and rear, providing more than aquatic spaces, so you may improve your game.

All golf carts have Par View Global Positioning Units that gives you a picture of the hole you are playing including accurate distances to hazards, greens and flag positions. This gives you a better chance of lowering your score and helps with club selection

We also provide private and group lessons with PGA certified instructors.


Tour All Three Courses

Sabal – 9 Hole Course

Royal – 9 Hole Course

Grand – 9 Hole Course


GOLD Rating: 73.3 Slope: 142 Yardage: 6813
BLUE Rating: 71.5 Slope: 138 Yardage: 6424
WHITE Rating: 70.1 Slope: 135 Yardage: 6098
SILVER Rating: 67.1 Slope: 126 Yardage: 5495
RED Rating: 71.0 Slope: 124 Yardage: 5228
GOLD Rating: 72.6 Slope: 136 Yardage: 6724
BLUE Rating: 71.5 Slope: 135 Yardage: 6335
WHITE Rating: 70.4 Slope: 126 Yardage: 6020
SILVER Rating: 69.3 Slope: 118 Yardage: 5525
RED Rating: 71.7 Slope: 124 Yardage: 5320
GOLD Rating: 71.7 Slope: 136 Yardage: 6547
BLUE Rating: 69.9 Slope: 133 Yardage: 6171
WHITE Rating: 68.7 Slope: 130 Yardage: 5870
SILVER Rating: 65.6 Slope: 121 Yardage: 5256
RED Rating: 69.7 Slope: 124 Yardage: 5084


Golfers Etiquette Statement
Please obey all cart regulations/restrictions, wear proper attire, rake all bunkers and repair ball marks. Maintain “pace of play” by keeping up with the group in front, if not allow the following group to play through. All carts must stay on the cart paths by all greens and tee boxes.

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